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What We Do

       We are the  best Junk Removal Service in Kitsap Washington. This means we send a team of friendly clean cut professionals to do all the heavy lifting; donating, recycling, dispose of your items; and  leave you with a clean swept area.  

        Appliances:  With our appliance dolly and trailer with a drop down gate, it is super simple to load up and take any of your appliances. Click here for examples.

        Spas:  If we can, some spas can be rolled right up in the trailer. Most of the time we have to cut them up before we can load them. Click here for examples.

        Trash::  Loose trash can take alot of time to load up. If you can have it bagged up it saves us time and manpower which makes the price cheaper for you.

        Mattresses:  If u place all your junk outside where we can back up to it, we kindly ask if you can keep mattresses under cover if it is going to rain. They become difficult to load if they get water logged. Click here for examples.

         Furniture: We will try to donate any furniture you have but their isn't a guarantee that any company will take them. All the companies are extremely picky but we will give it a shot. Click here for examples.

         Tires: We take any size tires with or without rims. We will even take tractor tires. We just ask that you keep them covered from the rain. It is difficult to get water out of tires. Click here for examples.

         Construction Material: The weight can really add up with any construction material and all the small pieces can take time to load. Our best advice is to put it where we can back up to it and bag up any loose trash or small pieces you can. Click here for examples.

         Televisions: We can roll the old bulky big screen Tv's right up our drop down gate. We can either take them to the Goodwill or the recycling area at the dump. Click here for examples.

         Yard Waste: If u cut down yard waste, just stack it in one direction in an area where we can back directly up to it. If u can't do this we can still remove it from any location. If you have alot of brush that needs to be removed we can come in with a mini excavator and pull it from the ground. Click here for examples.

         Chicken Coup Removal:   We can use our sawzaw and sledgehammer to break apart any structure. Click for examples.  


         Small Trees: We can chainsaw down any small trees you have and toss them in our trailers. 

         Stumps: We can use our dolly to roll stumps right up in our trailer with the drop down gate. 

         Concrete: If you break up a patio or walkway than give us a call. We will load it all up and haul it away. Click here for examples.

         Skills: We also have the tools and skills to take on any job. We can take apart , sheds, pools, decks, swing sets, spas, or anything that needs to be demolished and hauled away.

         Recycling: We feel very strong about our environment. For this reason we donate, recycle cardboard, plastics and take metal to the scrap yard. 

         Courtesy: At RJP Junk Removal we promise free estimates,  on-time, and respectful service. This is backed up by our 5 star reviews on google. 

         Chemicals: We do not remove chemicals. If you have paint you can buy hardener powder at lowes. Just pour it in latex paint cans and mix it up. Once it's hard then we can take it. If you have bottles of oil or transmission fluid you can take them down to your nearest Auto Parts store for recycling. 

         Job Types: We can do full house and yard clutter cleanups. We can basically haul out anything except chemicals. 

          Real Estate Agents: We love working with real estate agents to get a house ready for sale. We provide various services so you don't have to waste time working with various companies.

          Savings: We know that our customers want to save as much money as possible. If you put all your junk in one pile and we can back up to it than it will save us time and manpower which will make the price cheaper. Also keep in mind that extremely heavy items such as concrete or bricks costs more because of the weight.

          Full Property Inspection: We do many other services besides junk removal. While we are at your house, we can go over your whole property for other estimates on different services you might need.


          FREE MONEY: If you are lucky and get any 50th work order we will take $50 off the bill. If u get a 100th work order we will take $100 off. Anyone gets a  25th, or 75th work order and you will get a $25 dinner or shopping gift card. 



         Pricing: We charge by the cubic yard. A cubic yard is 3'x3'x3'. Construction material, dirt, pine needles cost a little more because of their weight. 

         Estimates: Text us detail of job and photos for rough estimate over phone. We can also stop by and survey the job and give you an estimate. You can also email at

         Licensed, Bonded, Insured: We are licensed and insured to give you protection when we do any work on your property. We also insure all our employees and have them background checked. We are also bonded which gives you protection whenever you sign a contract. 

        Scheduling: We like to be at your house within one hour of your call. We take pride in our speed. If we can't accomplish this we generally like to schedule for the next day at 930AM. We would appreciate any special instructions to find your house. Sometimes people live out in the woods and their house can be hard to find. You don't even have to be at the jobsite. We can load up all the materials, text u photos and u can pay by phone. Believe it or not we don't ever see about 10% of customers. We communicate by text and photos to get the job done. 


        Payments: We take all major credit/debit cards, checks or cash. We can take payment over phone if you cannot be at jobsite. We will  text you a photo when all the junk is in the trailer. 


        Contact: Give us a call today. If we don't answer definitely text us or call us back in 15 minutes. We don't want to lose your good business. 2537929801 or 

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