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We are the best construction material removal company in Kitsap County.  We can haul away any type of construction material such as fences, decks, sheds, sheetrock, flooring, tiles, toilets, bathtubs, lumber etc. Just make a pile in your garage and we will back right up to it and haul it away. 


When you buy an older home you might end up just wanting to remodel the entire house. You are going to have to tear out the old material so you can put new. You are going to need a reliable junk removal company to come out and remove all the debris.


What we recommend is that you put all your debris in your garage where we can easily back up to it. This will save us time and money which will cause you to save money. Just stack debris such as flooring all in one direction so it doesn't get tangled up and it is easy to pick up and stack in our trailer. If debris get tangled up it could cause an extra hour of labor trying to get it apart to load. 


Construction material can be a little more dangerous than other items that we load. One of the biggest dangers is you will be working around a lot of nails which can even be rusty. For this reason it is always wise to wear safety glasses and a hard hat. We also recommend bending nails with a hammer anytime you pull out a baseboard, lumber etc. This can reduce the chance of you poking yourself or even stepping on a nail later. This will also make the job more safer for us when we load. You could even be working next to a helper and they can be carrying a 2x4 with nail and accidentally jab you. Keeping distance while at a construction site adds extra safety measures. 

Do you have an extremely heavy item to move? Don't risk injuring yourself to save money. We can bring a couple of guys who know how to lift properly and will wear a lifting belt to help you get something such as a heavy bathtub out of the house. 

Safety really pays off. I had an uncle that stepped on a nail in California and his foot has been hurting ever since. You don't want to take yourself to the point of no return especially to save a little money. 


It is really easy to schedule with us. After you are done putting your debris in a pile where we can back up to it. Just text us a couple of photos of it and we will send you our trailers and prices. 

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