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We had a tire we removed from a junk removal job. We decided to take it to Goodwill for recycling. We just go to the back and leave it by the recycle trailer. Than go inside and pay. Tires usually cost about $3 to $5 for car tires. Large truck tires can cost a little more.


We are the best tire removal service in Kitsap County. Do you have tires around your property that are just making your place look trashy? Are you breeding mosquitoes in the old tires laying around your house . You don't need to worry cause there are tire recycling programs you can take advantage of. Your tires won't get thrown away at the dump. We are the most eco friendly junk removal company around.  Its just an easy trip down to your local Les Schwab. There is also a separate section at the dump where tires will be set aside for a recycling company to come and pick them up. It costs a lot more to recycle tires at the transfer station so we prefer Les Schwab. They just have all around great service. If we get any flat tires they will fix them for free. 


It is really easy to schedule with us. Just text us a couple of photos of what you have and a brief description. We will than text you our trailers and prices. This sure beats waiting around all day for a junk removal company to give you an estimate and you not liking it. 

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