We are backing up to a pile of furniture at a local apartment complex. A lot of times people move out of their apartment and just leave all their furniture behind. Sometimes they just get evicted. Whatever the case, we can come in bag everything up and haul it away. Sometimes a couch is just left in front of the dumpsters. We can bring our smaller trailer and remove single items. 

We loaded up yard waste in our 5x10 trailer from a clients backyard. Sometimes we will just bring our 5x10x4 trailer if its a small load. We can load up debris from anywhere but it will save you money if we can back up directly to the pile. If there is a distance to a pile it will cost a lot of extra time and labor. 

We are dumping yard waste at Peninsula Topsoil near Belfair.  The dump trailer sure makes life easier. A big load of yard waste costs nearly $100 to drop off now. 

We are backing up to some yard waste at a clients house in Port Orchard. If we didn't have all wheel drive most of the time it would be game over. We can pretty much back up anywhere. 

We got called out to a job where a customer had a ton of yard waste piles to load. We probably will rent a mini escavator the next time we come back. 

In the video we are loading up debris from a remodel at an apartment complex. The construction crew put everything in a pile where we could back right up to which saves everyone money. 

We went out to Seabeck and loaded up some yard waste for a customer. After the job was done we drove out to Peninsula Topsoil by Belfair and unloaded. We are backing up to the unloading area in the video. 

We just got done unloading at the dump when we got a message from a customer that he needed some yard waste removed. We immediately drove out to his house, gave him a quote and loaded up all his yard waste piles. We are unloading the yard waste at the yard waste recycle in Tacoma. We have a huge range that we travel to. We cover from Bainbridge Island all the way to Puyallup. 

We are moving yard waste out the gate and into our dump trailer. We can't always back right up to the pile so we have to use our wheelbarrows or drag it. We can cut up large limbs with our chainsaw. 

There was a couple of long branches that wouldn't fit in our trailer which wasn't a problem cause of our chainsaws. We use our ear plugs and earplugs for ours and your safety. 

We are loading up construction material from a garage in our dump trailer. We always pack in the debris really good in our trailer so you get the most bang for your buck. We have heard of other companies loading poorly and cheating their customers. 

We always leave the area spotless before we leave. We don't want to leave any unsatisfied paying customers. 


It is really easy to schedule with us. Just put your junk in a pile and text us a couple of photos. We will than send you our trailers and prices. This sure beats waiting around all day for a junk removal company only not to like their estimate.