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Here are some photos of our trailers in action. As you can see we haul away anything you can think of from yard waste to junk. We can zoom around to peoples houses with our 5x10 trailer and pick up small amounts of junk or yard waste. The drop down gate makes it really convenient to pull in junk, yard waste or appliances. 

We are all over Kitsap County servicing our customers. From appliance removal, spa removal or apartment clean outs. We basically remove anything your can think of except for chemicals. Our smaller trailer is a 5x10x4 and our dump trailer is 6x12x5'6". 


It is really easy to schedule with us. Just put your junk or yard waste in a pile and text us a couple of photos. We will than send you our prices. If you agree with our prices we can sometime schedule the same day or next day at 930am. This sure beats waiting all day for a junk removal company to come by and give you an estimate and you don't like it. You don't have to mess with any items if you don't wont to. We will remove them from anywhere on your property. Park your cars on the road so we can safely back in and we will do our job. 

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