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We are the best moving helpers in Kitsap County. We can do a variety of moving type jobs for you. We can move items from a trailer and into your house. We can move all your items into your garage so you can get some new flooring done. We can move your items from you Uhaul into a storage unit. Whatever moving labor you need we can help. 

We are helping a customer move from an upper level apartment down to a lower level.

We are moving a mattress down to a lower unit.

Moving appliance from shed to the house. 


If you just need one hour of work its $130/hr from the time I leave my house till the job is done.  If I am free I can get to you quickly. I have an appliance dolly and rollers. 

If you need 2 people or more the rate drops to $95/hr with a 4 hour mimimum. The rate stays the same even if items go upstairs. I try to have the guys meet at your house so you don't have to pay a travel fee. If I have to drive guys to your house the rate starts from the time we leave my house till the time we get back. 

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