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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a junk and yard waste removal company that has been in business since 2009 in Kitsap County. We service as far  as Bainbridge Island all the way to Puyallup in Pierce County. We actually started off as a company helping the elderly along with home services. After a year we decided to focus on homes only. We basically do lawn mowing, pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, small tree removal, landscaping, painting and removal. After another 2 years we found a love for  yard waste and junk removal so this is what we mainly focus on but we still will do everything. We stay really professional and courteous with our customers. Our 5 star google reviews back us up. We want to give you a great experience so we can get repeat business from you and you can refer us to your friends and family. We are so easy to work with. Just send us photos of your project or removal and we will send you prices over the phone. If  this doesn't work out we will drive down to your house and give you an estimate. 

We have been in business for thirteen years in the beautiful Puget Sound. We left so many happy and satisfied customers that they just keep calling us back for repeat service. We are just obsessed about making your house look beautiful. If we go to your house to pick up your junk or yard debris we will give you a full home inspection to see if you need any other service we provide. 



Why not get your house and property cleaned up. When we come and remove all your junk and yard debris it will just make a significant difference right away. Looking at a nice clean house and surroundings can help reduce stress and just make you feel great inside. We can give you a package bundle of services all in one day besides junk removal. We can even separate the job estimates if you are on a budget and do them a little at at time. 


It is really easy to schedule with us. Just put your items in a pile and text us a couple of photos with a brief description. We will than text you our trailer and prices. This sure beats waiting all day for another junk removal company only to not like their estimate. You can also send us pics of any other project you want an estimate for. 

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